Wednesday, June 01, 2011

four for a day

today I had the pleasure of adding 2 girls to my already feminine household.  our friends from church are out of town so we were helping them out by playing with their cutie pies for the day.  I had two 4 year olds and two 1 year olds.  and yes, charlotte is approaching two...but she is NOT two yet.  I'm holding on tightly to these last few weeks of her oneness.
we played dress-up and spent most of our day outside in pixie hollow...and splashing in our kiddie pool.
 fiona, eden, charlotte, & elsa

so thankful for our "family" here in el paso.
AND in adoption news.  obviously...we didn't get a referral in may.  and that made us really sad.  but we are hopeful that we will see a face and get a call this month.  there were some referrals last please join us in praying that they continue.  selfishly...I just want to know who we are waiting for!  come on baby!


katie davis said...

come on baby boy!!! can't wait to see what those sweet girls do with a boy boy-ing up pixie hollow=)

Renee said...

4 kind of heaven! and maybe baby boy wants to join the family in the same months as e and c did. aren't they both june bdays? or is july?? hope he comes very, very soon!!!!