Monday, June 13, 2011

saturday s'mores

last week I had an overwhelming desire to make and eat s'mores .  and then I started thinking about hot dogs...and grilled corn on the cob.  and well, I gave into my cravings and we made all of those delicious foods on saturday evening.  really healthy, I know :).
we spent most of the day outside.  charlotte sunbathed...and tried to swing by herself.  and eden played with her rio toys.

I put a table cloth on our porch table and eden added a plastic flower arrangement to make our feast a little bit fancy.  the girls ate in their bathing suits and we listened to the wizard of oz soundtrack (eden's pick) as we dined on this fine cuisine.

when it came time for the girls to eat their oozing s'mores they hardly knew what to do with themselves.  neither of them could believe it was ok with mom to get chocolate all over their clothes, in their hair, and covering their hands.  but after some reassurance they devoured them.  and so did I.

and boy was it a fun, yummy night.


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katie davis said...

man oh man what a yummy picnic!!! that last picture is awesome, of the two of them devouring the s'mores. belongs in a frame of some sort for sure.