Tuesday, June 21, 2011

father's day fire alarms

this father's day my dear husband woke up to the sweet sound of...our smoke alarm going off.
I got up earlier than everyone to quietly get monkey bread in the oven.  pete's mom always makes this delicious treat...and I was trying to make something he loves for breakfast.  but I think I overloaded the pan a bit and after 20 minutes or so of cook time butter started squirting all over the oven and burning and smoking...and stinking.  and then came the high pitched noise of our fire warning system and his dreams of sleeping a little bit longer on father's day were long gone.
charlotte slept through the 3 different smoke alarm soundings...but eden was awake with the first.  she gave him her cards and drawings that she had picked out especially for him.  the only t.v. show that eden watches is tom and jerry.  I'm not kidding.  she watches 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at bed time.  it's hilarious.  God bless boomerang.  so when she found a tom and jerry father's day card she just about flipped her lid...because she loves watching it with pete.  he was pretty excited about it, too.
charlotte was still asleep at this point...but she decorated him a card at chick-fil-a family night and was quite proud to present it to him at church.

these two little girls adore their daddy.
we had a lovely day of smoke, food, church and togetherness.  it all ended with a dip in our friend's pool...which was nice and refreshing in our 100 degree temperatures.

one of charlotte's baby dolls made it for the pool trip.
I am so thankful for pete, and for my own father and grandfather.  I have been surrounded by Godly examples of fatherhood my entire life and I could not be more grateful.  I really missed seeing my Dad on father's day, but we had a nice phone call chat and I will be seeing him very soon!
this is a picture of my daddy and his fourth little girl...me.
hope you all had a fun father's day weekend...that didn't involve smoking monkey bread!


meredith and justin said...

So funny about the monkey bread. That totally sounds like something I would do. I love the cards. For my birthday this year my three year old picked out a super hero card for me, that said "Happy Birthday to a Super Nephew". Gotta love it!

Beros Fire Systems said...

Sounds like it was a great day by all. Its good that your fire alarm system went off as it shows it is working but staggeringly in a recent 2011 study, 78% of children slept through the alarm itself. We always preach education and drills to prepare for any eventuality of fire in the home or workplace. I feel schools could do more and of course the governments could help out as well.

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