Thursday, January 19, 2012

we need some miracles

hi everybody.
please forgive my lack of blogness.  maybe I'll start writing again and won't have to start every blog with an apology?

I'm writing tonight to give you all an update and beg for your prayers.
we are STILL waiting on paperwork for our darling, darling boy.
this time we are waiting because he is from an area of ethiopia that is having some major troubles right now.  this area has started requiring new paperwork for adoptions to pass court. and to our knowledge the authorities in this area have not given this new requirement to any family at any agency.

so would you please pray for our son? and all of the families needing this paperwork re-do/release?  it is the only way we are going to be able to get a court date and bring these children home.  would you pray for goodness and justice?

it seems like every day I hear something negative.  hear another adoptive parent ask all of the what-if's and why's.  and honestly some days it is me questioning.

but every day I am choosing to trust.  to let God fight this battle.  to let Him walk us through this journey that has taken so many different twists and turns.  He has already written this story...and I just have to keep following.

we need miracles.  just a few more! we are praying for them.  and we'd be so grateful if you would, too.

thank you!!

I can't leave you without cute pictures of the girlies, though.

they are wonderful, and fun, and beautiful, and so sweet, and fill our days with joy to the max.