Wednesday, May 25, 2011

pixie hollow

our little girls have the wonderful advantage of having a daddy and papa (pete's dad) that can build pretty much anything you beg ask them to.  a few weeks ago I knew that mimi and papa were coming to town...and the idea of a little playhouse for the girls came into my brain.  somewhere they could go and make leaf soup and live in a make believe world.
so.  I asked.  and boy did they deliver.  better than I could have dreamed.
eden decided to name the playhouse "pixie hollow" know, like where tinker bell lives?  I thought it was a pretty cute idea.
and so I present to you...pixie hollow.  built by daddy and papa with love.  we have basically lived inside of pixie hollow since it had a floor.  we had a picnic lunch in there this afternoon.  I think I love it as much as the girls.

 eden wrote the words for the sign and then papa routed cute!
and...we had a ceremonial official opening of pixie hollow where eden cut the ribbon.

 their first cooking experience inside the hollow...

thank you daddy and papa!


SaraLyons said...

How incredible for your girls!

keight dukes said...

SO COOL! what an awesome gift. love the name, the ribbon cutting and your daughter's handwriting carved into the wood forever. and how the heck do you and nat have such similar handwriting. that is FREAKY cool!

Alaina said...

Love the sign for the name and the posting of the rules. I am going to try that too!

Renee said...

i wanna come live in Pixie Hollow!!! that is so cool! and Eden has some really good handwriting- what a big girl! :)

The Sanders said...

That is too cute!!