Monday, June 27, 2011

babies, blueberries, and birthdays

boy, have we had some crazy, wonderful days recently!
within 5 days we had 2 precious baby boys enter our lives.  our friends and fellow casas por cristo missionaries, jason and amy, welcomed their little guy, kash, into the world in el paso.  check out his cuteness!  his mama, daddy, and brother all have red hair, too :).
THEN, my beautiful sister sarah gave birth to the 11th grandchild on my side of the family...sweet john landon.  the girls and I flew into georgia and got to see her hold him after she hadn't been able to for hours...because he had some lung issues right after birth, and stayed in the transition nursery.  I cried pretty much the whole day.  happy tears.

and I haven't been able to stop getting teary pretty much since then.  I love my families, I love my homes, I am so thankful.
we also got to be home for my niece kyrie's birthday party, and pete's mom's birthday is today!  for people that live a long way from home...this is all SO special.  never take going to family get togethers for granted...please!  seeing my children surrounded by cousins and grandparents AND great-grandparents melts me into a puddle.

this evening charlotte really got into blueberry picking and eating.  it was so dreamy to watch her.  and she happened to be wearing blue for the occasion.

doesn't get much yummier than that.


katie davis said...

oooh what beautiful baby boys! hey donnie was looking on facebook last night and came across a picture of a little girl on a tractor of sorts and he said with a giggle "oh look how cute she is!" and little did he know that was your sweet charlotte mae=) don't worry, i told him real quick.

Wading Patiently said...

I just noticed the VERY crafty boppy cover :-) Love it!