Tuesday, June 07, 2011

like mother, like daughters

one of my favorite childhood memories is eating watermelon at my grandparents house with all of my cousins.  we'd swim for hours...only stopping for chlorine flavored cheezits...and everyone's favorite...watermelon.  an ice cold one that pawpaw would bring up from the basement, slice, and serve on his finest... old newspapers.  we'd eat it quickly with our teeth chattering from our drippy, cold bathing suits and hair, and then jump right back in.   and wait for dinner time and ice cream.
yesterday the girls and I enjoyed sliced watermelon in somewhat of the same fashion.  and we called my pawpaw and memaw so I could at least hear their voices while we ate it.  they are both very young 80 and almost 83 year olds that just celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary.  and two of my most favorite people in all of humanity.
pretty sure both girls enjoyed every juicy bite.

 when we came back outside from eating dinner...we found that java was enjoying some slices she'd stolen off our porch table.
 we finished the evening with fudge pops.  (charlotte had to change suits because of a little accident that I won't blog about. ick.)

happy summer.  happy memories.
you want a watermelon now, don't you?


Kim said...

beautiful pictures and beautiful memories!!

katie davis said...

that picture of charlotte eating/attacking her fudge pop is hilarious. i love her=)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the memories! So glad that you remember. Special thanks for your love & caring ways!
Love you

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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The Sanders said...

Yes!...and a fudge pop!

Janette said...

This post makes me wish I liked watermelon. :)