Wednesday, June 29, 2011

clover jewelry

there are just some things that must be passed down to the next generation of little girls (and boys).  clover jewelry making being one them.
there is something really magical about watching my daughters faces light up with joy when I place a necklace made of flowers over their heads.  and then adding a bracelet, ring, and hair wreath...they could hardly contain their excitement.
I love the way clovers smell.  I love how tying them to one another takes me right back to childhood and bare feet and always being outside in the humid georgia summers.  helping my parents plant the garden and running around with my sisters and brother.
I love that I'm raising children that hardly ever stay inside.

 even sweet little cousin violet became a flower child.

sometimes I want to throw all of their plastic toys away.  because nothing is more delightful and entertaining than God's great earth.

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katie davis said...

these girls of yours. they are GORGEOUS!!!!! i can't get over it.