Friday, June 10, 2011

tatted fairies

this afternoon the girls endured the pain of temporary tattooing.  since I was the tattoo artist I gave their parents a shout out.

 then these tatted beauties transformed into fairies.  at the moment the picture below was taken eden had just informed charlotte that if she closed her eyes she could make all her dreams come true.  yes!
they are so great.
we didn't hear any adoption news this week.  but I did have a new thought to help me through this wait.
a few days ago charlotte was upset because I was showering and she couldn't see me.  she kept telling me that she needed to SEE me.  and I just became overwhelmed with ooey gooey love for her.
and I thought to myself that if someone told me I could be her mother and eden's mother...but I had to wait an unknown period of time before this title came into effect...that I would wait forever.  I would wait and wait and wait to have the chance of loving them with a mother's heart.
I already love this babe I don't know so very much.  and I'll wait as long as it takes until I get to be his mother.  I'll wait through slow downs and all the new twists and turns of this journey.
I'll wait for him.  with great joy.


katie davis said...

GOSH little girls are so fun. "i'll make all your dreams come true...". I love it. And little ethiopian baby boys are pretty great too:)

Lori said...

I'm praying for every moment of your wait. You are doing such a great job of passing the time though with all of the memories you are making with the girls. You are truly an inspiration.