Thursday, July 07, 2011


 happy birthday to pretty baby.
 you are delightful.  hilarious.  sweetness.  with a touch of your mama's stubborn side.
 you love babies.  you think you are 4.  you are a goof ball.  and before you went to bed tonight you sang "happy duhtday to my bottom" and laughed and laughed with your big sissy.  bottoms and booties are so, so unbelievably funny to you (and her).
 we could never, ever, ever thank God enough times for sending you to us.
you are joy.
tonight I curled up in the bottom bunk with you and rubbed your face until you drifted off to sleepy town.  and I just stared at you sleeping and cried.  because I love you so awfully much.

welcome to being two.

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katie davis said...

hope sweet charlotte mae had a wonderful birthday!!!! i want to see that stubborn side, of her AND her mama!