Thursday, September 16, 2010


our dossier was received by holt this afternoon.  but it seems that I messed up a little on our end of things.  I didn't realize that starting in august the dossier requirements had changed.  I did go back and read an old email from holt that told me this...but I guess I didn't understand what they were saying at the time.  adoption speak is still a little confusing to me.
basically...our dossier won't be complete until we get approval of the application (I-600A) that we sent to the USCIS.  I mailed this almost 2 weeks ago, and apparently approval can take a month or more. SO. it looks like we have some more waiting to do for this to get to us...and THEN our dossier will be complete.  and we'll get an official waiting list number.
in the old way (the way I thought things were still happening) you didn't need this approval included in your dossier. I had everything checked off on the old list and was so proud of myself...not realizing it wasn't up to date.  sheesh.
and while this is a little bit of a's just a little bit more waiting. 
live and learn.

on a positive least everything else in our dossier was good to go and we don't need to do any revisions. 
I just feel kind of dumb.  and wish I had a little adoption helper fairy to guide me along the correct check-off paths.


Brei said...

What a bummer of a bump...hope the approval process doesn't take long!

Unknown said...

Such a bummer! We will be praying that you get it quickly. I totally understand about the helper fairy and would love one right about now.

Jon, Lindsay, and the pups!!! said...

You're almost there! :) I wanted to ask you if you wanted to be a part of our fund raiser. I'll be making a quilt out of several adoption tshirts. Whoever donates a tshirt for the quilt gets 10 free raffle tickets (they will be $2 each). Let me know if you'd be interested! :)

Lara said...

ooh, that is a bummer! We are with AGCI and I *think* we can get on the waitlist before USCIS approval comes through, but now I'm wondering....

Andrea said...

Know the feeling. We have sent the whole dossier in but our rough draft was sent in and we realized our guardianship plan didn't meet standards. So we are waiting for it all to be changed and resent. Then on to the state. I guess the key to it all is realizing it is all part of God's timing!!! Hope yours comes back soon!!

katie davis said...

i think you're doing a wonderful job. i seriously was thinking yesterday that i would have no idea how to even begin that process and i was so proud of you my friend=) sweet baby is coming. worth the wait, of course. nothing you don't already know=)