Monday, September 20, 2010


even though fall officially starts in 2 is still 90 degrees in el paso.  I try to embrace the season by burning caramel apple scented candles, brewing pumpkin spice coffee, and of course, eating candy corn.  and then when I walk outside...I remember it really won't feel like fall here for another month or more.
so...since it is still swim suit weather, and since mimi sent the girls a package with water balloons in the mail...we decided to have a water balloon fight this weekend. 

eden and daddy got wet, while charlotte preferred to try and pop her "ball" open with her teeth.  really safe.

we also went to our neighbor's first birthday party.  it had a mickey mouse theme and the girls had a great time.  they both got their own goody bags, so charlotte now knows what smarties are. and m&ms. 

the stink thing about weekends is that they go by way, way too quickly.

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Sarah said...

the stink thing indeed. love those cuties.