Monday, September 27, 2010

I saw the signs

today I kept noticing little sayings and words around the house.  and I tried to pay attention to them.
my grandmother we called "mamie" went to heaven almost a year ago.  some of my most prized possessions are little things from her home.  I have these two drinking glasses of hers that pete and I fight over using when they are clean.  when the glass is empty...this is what you read.
take life a little easier. deal. sure miss my mame.

we bought eden and charlotte these shirts because we loved their simple message.  also...whenever you purchase one of these shirts you support a family's adoption fund.  I kept wondering about the sweet child this shirt is helping bring home to their forever family.

caramel apple.   these days I need all the help I can get remembering that it is fall.  I love this $4 walmart candle. and eden loves blowing it out.
 and this.  this just makes me laugh.  jumbo glitter shaker.  every house needs one.
two of my loves on the shelf above our sink.  mexico and cadbury world.  I only wish one of them wasn't so far away.
so there are the signs I saw today and wanted to make a note of.
on the adoption home front...we have our fingerprint appointments!!!  I will definitely update when those are done and we have our USCIS approval and wait list number! we're getting there!
I am a part of a yahoo group for families adopting from ethiopia and there were several referrals given out last week from our agency.  I would get so teary reading everyone's's a 10 month old girl! or a 4 month old boy!...and thinking about what our referral phone call will be like.  how our story will unfold.  such a miracle.
well. I'm off to take life a little easier.


Lara said...

I'm rockin' the Wal-Mart fall candles as well. It was 108 here yesterday so i need all the help I can get too!!

alicia said...

I came over to your blog hoping that it would be the breath of fresh air I needed today... And as always, you don't disappoint! Love your little inspirations! Now I'm gonna try to find some around my house:) thanks sweetness!

Ps: try and enjoy the sunshine &'s gonna start snowing here in a few months and I'm just not ready for all that again!

Mama Mimi said...

The weather here is a constant reminder that it's fall. I'm not likin' it so much. But regardless, I loved this post! =)

Unknown said...

just ordered a shirt! thank you! blessings on this beautiful journey!

Anonymous said...

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