Thursday, September 30, 2010

painted lady

in el paso face painting is a big deal.  if you really want to have a true el paso birthday party, you will have a face painter.  and a pinata, and a bounce house...but back to the face paint. I'm not talking about a little balloon or heart on your cheek.  I'm talking entire face coverage. it's crazy.  it's like art.  last weekend we attended our friend lucia's birthday party in the park.
face painter. check!
eden got a pink butterfly. her friend mia was a cat, and jaxman picked spiderman.

then, this past tuesday we went to chick-fil-a like usual.  it's family night.  this week's kid activity was ZZ the clown.  yes!  and there was...a face painter!
so she became a rainbow with a fairy.

fun times for this little girl that I love. 


Sarah said...

i am amazed at the face painting. they do not even play around. good times.

keight dukes said...

hahahaha. painted lady. i love that term. this trend has always kind of scared me. the kids always end up looking like extras from "cats." a freaking quarter-sized basketball on my cheek used to rock my little world.