Monday, September 13, 2010

adoption aprons

my sweet seamstress mother came up with a super idea to help us raise funds for this adoption.  aprons! she sewed some retro aprons for us to try and sell.  she modeled them after her grandmother's aprons, and various 1950's and 60's television moms.
I think they would make perfect Christmas presents for friends or family members that know their way around a kitchen...and might like to look cute while they whip up something delicious.
If you would like to buy one we are selling them for $20.  just send me an email at and tell me which one you'd like.  then I'll have you donate through our paypal button over there on the right side of the blog. are the choices!!
#1.  the "I love Lucy" (watch out for these hot names mom came up with!)
a red and white half apron with pockets. cute black rick rack used for trim.

#2.   SOLD!!!  the "June Cleaver" yes!
a floral half apron..with flower pots and watering cans.  this apron has two large pockets to stash things in.

#3. SOLD! the "feed sack apron"--a full apron--modeled after my great-grandmother's aprons.
look at this glorious detail!  sweet blue bottons, a big front pocket, and fun accent stitching.

#4. SOLD! another "feed sack apron"
retro fruit and flowers material with a large front pocket trimmed with rick rack.

#5.  another "June Cleaver" half apron
this version is longer and has the same handy pockets
thanks ma!!

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Lara said...

What an awesome, creative idea!