Friday, September 10, 2010

getting fidgety

eden drew this family portrait on her chalk board last week.  in case you can't tell L to R is charlotte, mommy, eden, and daddy.
but I keep wondering about the other chalk face that is to join her world.  I keep watching "gotcha day" movies on youtube.  and when I kiss the girls 75 million times a day I think about the other face that I will grow to love so much it hurts.  and all of the kisses I will give so willingly to him or her.
right now we are waiting for one more state certified item to come in the mail.  our home study was approved...and is hopefully on it's way back from the secretary of the big old state of texas.  once this important document is in my hands...our dossier will be complete and will be zipped off as quickly as possible to holt.
and then we will have an official wait list number!!!
so right now I'm a little fidgety.  and I'm sure I'll get that way again many times throughout this process.
think I'll go kiss this face again.  I can hear her waking up from a nice nap.


Anonymous said...

Praying for you adoption process! Miss & love y'all!

Meg said...

congrats on getting your homestudy done! You are one step closer to your little one!
(we are a Holt Family)

Unknown said...

Once you're dossier is complete and you are on the list it is like a sign of relief! Soon!
Beneath the Acacia Tree