Sunday, May 01, 2011

praying for may

it's been 6 weeks since the last referral was given out from our agency.
so.  I think THIS week would be a great time for them to start up again.  don't you?!
I trust with all of my heart that we will be matched with our child at just the right time.  but I can't help but hope that time will be soon.  we are just so very ready.

and now for a picture update:
we went to see sesame street live last weekend.  it was so fun watching the girls see their favorite characters in "real life".  during nap time I made some special shirts for them to wear.  I cut out abby cadabby from an old shirt of eden's that no longer fit.  then I ironed it onto a hand-me-down t-shirt she got from her friend elle. I made the cookie monster one with some material I had that just happened to work.  I ironed it onto an old tank top of eden's.  they were so cute...and no one else had one like them!

and in other news...backyard pool season is upon us.  oh how these girls love splashing around.

and lastly.  just let me say for the bazillionth time how beautiful I think my daughters are.  they are magnificent and hilarious and I am ever grateful to God for them.

here's to a new week...and hopes of a may match!


SaraLyons said...

Fingers crossed that this is the month!!!

katie davis said...

Praying for sweet baby...

melissa said...

they are SO beautiful. praying for your baby.