Friday, May 20, 2011

a tale of two houses

this week my home church family, my parents, and my family of 4 helped build two homes in juarez, mexico.  in case you are husband and I are missionaries that serve with a ministry called casas por cristo, and we build homes in juarez and acuna, mexico, and guatemala (starting this summer!).
we love love juarez with all of our hearts and are committed to showing it's people Christ's love through the simple act of taking care of a physical need...shelter.  many of the families there live in houses constructed out of cardboard and pallets...with a dirt floor. with summer temperatures in the 100's, horrible dust storms in the spring, and freezes in the winter...their homes are anything but shelter.

now two families have shelter. have been shown how much God cares for them and loves them.  have been told the story of Jesus and his saving love.  and have been connected with a pastor in their area.

I pray you'll think about getting a team together to come give love.  and maybe provide a home for a sweet baby like this one...her name is isabel.

what a beautiful week.

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