Friday, May 13, 2011

my favorite popsicles

my friend emily makes the best popsicles I have ever tasted.  and this morning...I had a craving for them.  unfortunately emily and her family moved away from el paso back to their sweet home of alabama.  so I couldn't call her and beg her to make them for me, and then drive to her house and devour them in her green kitchen.
so. my dear friend emailed me the recipe this morning and the girls and I made them before we went on our morning walk, so they'd be ready to eat as a lunch time dessert.
I think the main reason these popsicles are my favorite is because they have berries that are cooked in honey.  I only know of one other person that loves honey more then me.  that would be my sister, sarah.  our mama used to dip her pacifier in honey (before we learned it wasn't safe) she is sort of an addict.  honey makes almost anything taste better, in our opinion.
so here's the NEED to make these:

blend 1 cup vanilla yogurt and 1 banana until smooth

bring 3 cups of berries - fresh or frozen - (recipe uses raspberries, i used strawberries)
and 1/2 cup honey to a boil over med-high heat, reduce to low, simmer 5 minutes.
Pour fruit mixture through strainer into bowl, cover and chill 30 minutes
Pour yogurt mixture into bottom of molds and top with fruit mixture. freeze. enjoy.

now. if you pour them into a popsicle mold they are hard to get out...and they end up looking like this:

 but who cares...because the taste is all we care about...right?
emily told me they would turn out much better if I put them in a plastic or paper cup with a popsicle stick.  and she was right. (yes, I save charlotte's dora yogurt cups, wash them, and trick her into thinking they are new).


so, there you have it people.  delicious, easy popsicles.  with honey!
thanks, em.


Sarah said...

Drooling, dreaming of these xxoo :)

kim said...


Hannah D said...

made these DELISH popsicles this week! many thanks for posting this recipe. owen begs for one pretty much after every meal...and he thanks you too, by the way :)