Monday, April 11, 2011

new leash and collar

we are back home in our mountains and desert.  we call this home, too.
when we fly into atlanta I tear up seeing the pine trees.  and when we return and travel west... my girls see their mountains and the sandy earth below and we get just as excited.
so thankful for this home and this life.
an exciting thing happened for eden as we boarded our plane bound for el paso.  the pilot invited her to sit down next to him and pretend to fly the plane!  she was so adorable and thrilled!
(blurry pic because mommy was holding charlotte and a zillion other things!)
after a couple of hours of travel we got off the plane and glided down the escalator to daddy and were SO HAPPY!!  
we put our luggage in the back of the car...and drove to pick out a new friend for our family.  I won't give all the details away until tomorrow when I have more pictures of this furry girl.  it just hasn't been the same around our house without our Jesse dog, and we can't wait to have another canine member officially added to the fam this afternoon.

also.  one more thing.  I don't usually care about taking pictures of nature.  but this beautiful butterfly was on the tree in our front yard this weekend and I thought she was so lovely.  I think it was definitely a "she".

hope you have a wonderful monday!! I know we will.
let us rejoice and be glad!

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Renee said...

can't wait to see your new furry "daughter"! and i think you're just aren't the same w/o doggies around. hope we're able to get a new one soon too! :)