Thursday, April 07, 2011

take me home

well...I really didn't intend to neglect the blog, but it seems that I have for awhile.  woops.
we've been visiting family for the last two weeks and that just took a back seat to anything else.  
I've got a lot of catching up to do...but we'll just start with the events of today.  
today my dad went to mow the pasture that I grew up playing in.  it is down the hill from our old house.  we had black angus cows and horses.  and a tractor.   and a big barn.  
the big barn still stands, but the animals and tractor are no longer.  the air and the grass still smell the same delicious, and with the dogwoods in bloom I could hardly keep my eyes from misting over.
I love those acres of grass and trees.  I have since I was a baby.
and I just happened to marry my dream boy in that very same place almost 6 years ago.
so you can see why it is deeply special for me to bring my daughters to run around there.  
and why I loved seeing the sun shine on their faces while they played with my old toys, had a picnic lunch, and road on the mower with pawpaw.

I am aching to hear news of our son...and for the day he joins us for play time in the pasture.  there haven't been any referrals for awhile...hoping for some soon!


melissa said...

sure do miss your family.
:) beautiful!

Sarah said...

Agh wish I didn't have to sleep all day that day :( Beautiful, sis.