Monday, April 18, 2011


spring is not my favorite season.  I just get so sneezy and itchy eyed.  I'm a summer and fall kind of girl.  but I can't help but love all the pastel candy and frilly easter dresses in the front of every store.  oh and the tulips.
we really don't have much of a spring here in the desert.  winter just sort of morphs into summer sometime in march.  but it is still fun to pretend we are surrounded by daffodils instead of hot sandy wind.
we dyed easter eggs this weekend.  eden picked out a toy story kit.  she really got into dipping the eggs into the stinky vinegar color baths this year.  charlotte just liked crushing the shells with her chubby fingers...and kept wondering why we weren't eating the eggs.

we also planted some tomatoes this weekend.  and cilantro...and some kind of spicy pepper for pete.
I will eat a tomato sandwich for lunch every day for weeks some sweet time this summer.  cannot even wait.

and lastly...we played dress-up with java.  and that turned out to be pretty funny looking.

oh and one more thing.  if you or your church or youth group are looking for a great opportunity to serve this summer...please consider coming and building a house with us!  we need volunteers to build homes in juarez and acuna, mexico and we are also building homes in guatemala this summer!!
check out our website: it has all the info you'll need.


keight dukes said...

charlie pushing the wheelbarrow topless in the flower headband and tutu is MAGICAL. sometimes i want to come live at your house as one of your babies.

Chris and Rachel said...

Great post. Harper laughed outloud at the cute dress up pictures of your dog! She's a big fan!!