Thursday, March 03, 2011

one dozen

that's right.  I *think* we are number 12!!
things have been moving right along in referral land.  however, one never knows how long these things will take.  but we are HAPPY to be movin' on up.
here are some silly/sweet pictures of the girls this week.

 (yes.  she is going on the potty some!)

eden has been talking about her baby brother all the time, and loves to watch lucy lane's gotcha day video.  she sings along to all of the songs..."when God made you he must have been thinkin' about MEEEEE".  it's pretty stinking adorable.
love my girls.  getting closer and closer to my boy!


Alison said...

YAY!!! So glad to hear ya'll are #12!! Wow, it seems like ya'll have moved so fast! Can't wait until you get the call for your BOY!!

Rebekah said...

Oh WOW!!! When I saw your post title, I wondered if that was what you were talking about.
So excited that you are getting so close!!!

Sarah said...

dreamy, beautiful girls waiting on that sweet boy. love it.

kara said...

can't believe how quickly it seems you've gotten to this point! i know it has probably felt sluggish to you guys at times, but hopefully the countdown will keep chugging along at LEAST at the pace it has been. cannot wait to see your little boy.

katie davis said...

beautiful girls. beautiful boy too=)

i was thinking that the banana pudding milkshake deserved some sort of shout-out?? i enjoyed another one today=)