Tuesday, March 15, 2011

how come?

throughout the day eden comes up with some of the funniest, sweetest, thought provoking questions I've ever heard.  I love it.
this morning she asked me..."mom. how come moms know how to do EVERYTHING?". hahaha!  I explained that we don't...but that moms try their hardest to always help whenever we can.  today she has also asked me what a laboratory is, why she is always sisters with charlotte (even when they hit each other), and if her strawberry shortcake doll will always smell like strawberries.  I love age 4.  but, really their hasn't been an age I don't love.
she also tells me a multiple times a day that I am the sweetest mom in the whole world (which couldn't possibly be true)...and things like she is never going to let me go.  such a sweetie pie.

charlotte is also at a fun age (20 months!).  she thinks she is 4 and can do anything big sis can do.  lately her two favorite things are swinging and learning new songs to sing.  when she wants to go outside and swing she says "mom (yes, she calls me mom) I do ready, set, go...shoes on?".  she still calls me mommy when she is upset or needing some loving.
here is a little movie of charlotte showing off some memorization skills...telling where some of her family lives (el paso, georgia, and england).
please continue to keep ethiopia and adoption in your prayers.  we are SO hopeful...and things seem to be looking better than originally rumored.  we still don't know anything for certain...other than what is most important.  that God is writing this story and He is in control...which is really all we need to know.


Chris and Rachel said...

I love this whole post. And Harper especially liked the video! Such precious girls.

Aunt Sheryle and Uncle Billy said...

Your blog is so wonderful to read! As Charlotte and Eden's great Aunt, I love seeing pictures of these precious little girls daily growing up. We are so proud of what you are doing with your lives!