Sunday, March 20, 2011


it is with great happiness that I introduce you to our latest fundraising adventure...COFFEE!!!
our family has opened our very own fair trade coffee shop with just love coffee roasters.  with every bag of coffee that you purchase we will receive $5 towards our travel fund to ethiopia.
you can visit our shop by clicking HERE.  when you enter the site just look over on the left and you'll see a listing of all the different kinds you can buy.  you simply purchase the coffee and this wonderful organization does all the rest!

all of the coffee is fair trade...and most of it is organic.  just love coffee roasters was founded by rob webb who grew up with a father that owned a coffee company.  rob and his wife adopted two daughters from ethiopia and created this company to help an ethiopian orphanage as well as families adopting from all over the world.
every morning I wake up to the sound of our coffee maker grinding up those delicious little beans. and while I am not a "real" coffee drinker like my husband (who drinks it black)...I adore my morning coffee (with a little sweetness added in).  even if I have to reheat it 17 times because I hold the beloved title of mom to little ones.
I hope you'll consider looking around the coffee shop and buying a bag or so.  cheers!


becbags said...

you are killing me abby! cool shirts AND coffee???? you're so tempting! i'll have to see what i can work out :)

Renee said...

that's so funny that pete says you don't drink "real" coffee b/c it's not black. my dad hounds me about the same thing! 3 spoonfuls of sugar and milk please!

and what a great story behind the organization! hope it gets you much closer to your little boy! :)

Christopher Hopper said...

Great idea. Great mission!

By the way, I take my coffee promise-land-style:

1 - teaspoon if honey
1 - splash of cream

I think Jesus had it that way. Just saying. ch: