Monday, October 25, 2010

wait list! we have a number!!

it is with great great JOY that I say unto you my blog reading friends....we are number
yes 37!!
we received our I171H approval in the mail on saturday!!  our sweet friends mikell and lindsay are checking our mail while we are gone and they called saturday to tell me the good news.  then they drove straight to kinkos (without me asking!) and scanned the paperwork and emailed it to me right away!  I forwarded the info onto our agency this morning I got the email we'd be waiting so long for that told us our NUMBER!!
this means we are number 37 on the list of holt families waiting for a child of any age or gender.  our organization doesn't separate the list by child preference. we also got to request a BOY today!  I have been floating on a cloud all day long...and I even got to talk to pete (in papua new guinea) and tell him the good news!
each month we will get a new number that will keep going down until we are close enough for a referral of a child!
I tried to take a cute picture of our girls in front of another leafy 37 that I'd made...but they didn't really want to smile.  I did get an added bonus of wonderful when my nephew jackson wanted to get in the picture.  he is just as excited as they are.
oh happy day!
p.s. we went to the varsity today, too.  and the children's museum in atlanta called "imagine it"!  talk about a day of wonderful!  more on that later.


Mama Mimi said...

Yay!!! Congratulations - feels so good doesn't it?!? =)

keight dukes said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH that's amazing!37! that's tiny! so happy for you guys.

SaraLyons said...

We are also with Holt and just wanted to say Congrats! So exciting!

Unknown said...

Yeah!!!!! Congrats and welcome to the waiting game!!!!
beneath the acacia tree

Alison said...

YAY, Abby!!! I am so excited for ya'll!! Congratulations!! Love that number!! :)

wideopenspaces said...

yippee!!!! yea for 37!!

Rebekah said...


Unknown said...

How exciting!! So very happy for you guys!!

Raphael said...

So so so happy for yall!

Unknown said...

This is Awesome!!!!!!

alicia said...

Yay!!! Georgia in the fall, a jesus-lovin, cake decorating man, two of the most beautiful girls... And now a number :) congrats! When you get home, we need 2 shirts, or should I order them now?

Jayna said...

37 is a great number! congratulations!