Saturday, October 30, 2010

star crunch breakfast

as I sit here and type our 15 month old is having a little debbie snack as part of her breakfast.  why, you ask?  because she is at her grandparent's house.  I gave her milk, grapes, and some cheerios...which she ate happily.  then an hour later she went to the pantry and my mom opened it...and she came out with a star crunch.  my mom says it is healthier than a reese's peanut butter cup which is what she wanted initially.  sure it is. I am sure that when I was 15 months old this would not have been an option as a part of a morning snack...but she wasn't the grandmother then now was she?
enjoy it charlotte mae.
we've been making the most of our time at home in the fall.  we miss our daddy, but have tried to fill our days with fun activities and cousin time.  I highly recommend the children's museum in atlanta called "imagine it".  we took 6 of the 10 harbin cousins (4 of them born within 9 months of each other) and stayed for 3 hours. the kids would have stayed all day.  we only left because we were hungry for the varsity.  the grease was beckoning us. 
painting L to R is: my little brother john with his daughter abigail in a carrier, charlotte, jackson, eden, june, and reagan.

oh, and before petey left we all went to the yellow river game ranch and fed some deer and bunnies and ducks.  I grew up having cows, horses, chickens, burros, rabbits, and of course the usual dogs, fish, and hampsters.  So, I love seeing the girls around animals. 

can I please, one day, just live on a big farm?  in a big white house that has a wrap around porch with a green roof.  hey, a girl can dream.

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Chassidy said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Imagine It! Glad you are enjoying your visit home!