Wednesday, October 06, 2010

disney on ice!

tonight I took eden to see the great ice skating spectacular that is disney on ice.  we went with our buddy jonas and his mom, amy.
I made eden and jonas mickey and minnie shirts and they looked adorable in them. 
I stole the idea from laura kelley at pitter patter art who makes the best artwork as an adoption fundraiser. mine were no where near as good as hers, but still fun.
the kids went crazy for every character that skated across the ice. 
and maybe I might have been singing along and dancing as well. and amy might have worn mickey mouse ears for most of the show.
the princesses were a hit for eden.

and just when we thought it couldn't get any better.....

TOY STORY characters showed up!!
I might have screamed when I saw jessie....and buzz....and woody.
I can't help it.  I love singing and dancing, and especially watching my daughter loving it, too.


sheldon family said...

love it! we went last year & we all had a blast! :)

Alison said...

So cute!! We are going to Disney on Ice the night before Thanksgiving! I can't wait!! Oh yeah,'s really for the kids! :) I think I will be just as thrilled as they will!

Gina said...

We've taken Anna twice and love it every time! Seeing Mulan and Tiana were big hits with her last year. It's a super fun thing to do. Love the shirts you made! Anna has to wear a Mickey/Minnie shirt tomorrow for letter M and they are making ears I think. :)

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