Friday, October 22, 2010

ethiopian crock pot recipe!

look what stephanie o'dea is cooking up today?? Ethiopian stew !!  I was so excited to see this today! It is a chicken stew called doro wat...and I can't wait to try it.  y'all know I am a sucker for all things crock pot.  and all things Ethiopian.
we have been traveling the last few days...thus the lack of posts.  my husband and father left yesterday and are bound for papua new guinea.  they'll be gone for about 3 weeks and are helping build a home for a bible translator there.  we will miss them oh SO much, but are very proud they are making this journey for the second time!  Over 65% of the world’s 6,800+ language groups still do not have even a portion of God’s Word in their own language. isolated by linguistic, cultural, political, even geographic barriers that cut them off from the Good News of Jesus Christ, hundreds of millions of people still wait.  what a joy for pete and dad to be a part of bringing God's story to language groups so far from home.
while they are away the girls and I are home in GA.  which is just wonderful.  Eden turned 4 a few days after we got here. her daddy made her a princess cake...and we had fun with cousins and family.

yes.  their carpenter daddy with blistery rough hands...also makes fancy cakes and his own butter cream frosting. 
we are loving every minute of seeing fall.  we don't really see leaves change in el paso, and I always miss this crisp time of year in the south.  it will be the first time that my girls get to trick or treat with their cousins...and go to a pumpkin patch together.  I have to make myself stop daydreaming while I watch the leaves fall as the wind blows. 
I think charlotte likes fall, too.


keight dukes said...

pete is ridic! where did he learn this stuff!?!?! glad youre home during the boys' time away. definitely makes it go by faster.

sallee said...

these sweet little girls need a fall POPPY DIP!! take a look and email me... we need to 'settle' on the donation you gave for the fundraiser :)
blessings, Sallee