Tuesday, August 31, 2010

little artists

the girls and I got up a little earlier this morning.  we had to take our sweet friends emily and ella to the airport.  they are moving to alabama, which is very sad for us.  since I have lived in el paso the broach family has been here.  they worked with our ministry casas por cristo, and then continued to live on the border for a few years.  we love them so very dearly and it is hard to imagine our lives here without them.  but...we are very happy that they will be back close to family, and that we can continue to be close friends and visit them when we are in the south.
after a teary airport goodbye and a short nap for charlotte I decided we needed to do something fun/funny to lift my spirits.  paint!
eden has loved to paint since she was very small. 
charlotte has only had a few guided encounters with paint in her 13 months of life. 
the 3 of us had a lot of fun...charlotte tasted some and gave herself a few orange highlights.  and we ended up with some masterpieces of artwork.
and then eden gave herself a tattoo on her wrist like mommy's.
oh and on the adoption home front...we *think* our home study was sent into our agency today for review.  can't wait to get some news!


AtlantaMama said...

these r FUN!!!!!!!!

tin can photography said...

love your little artists! what a wonderful way to lift the day!