Thursday, August 26, 2010

toy story 4

buzz. woody. jessie. lotso. bullseye. prickle pants. butter cup.
I know these characters all too well.  ever since we took eden to see toy story 3 we have been reenacting the scenes we could remember, and making up new ones that I'm sure disney pixar would LOVE to get their hands on.
one such new scene was invented by eden a day or so ago.  I like to call it...toy story 4: the adoption.
it turns out that jessie (the cow girl) has a new baby named ducky.  ducky's mother couldn't take care of him and so jessie adopted ducky.  woody is the dad.  and buzz is the grandfather.  I'm not sure how all of that worked out...but this is her story, not mine.
and now, ducky has a loving home with two cowboy parents.  and it doesn't matter that his mother won't know exactly how to teach him to swim with webbed feet.  she'll find other duck mothers that can help her along.  ducky is yellow and his adoptive parents are peach toned.  ducky only quacks while his parents speak with a cowboy twang.  they come from two different worlds...but I'm sure in the end it will work out swimmingly.
I mean, with buzz lightyear as your could you grow up as anything but cool.
I just loved watching my little 3-year-old make up an adoption story.  she doesn't think of it as any big deal that her brother or sister isn't growing in mommy's tummy or that he/she will have a pretty brown skin color.
ahhh...look at this happy family.


Alison said...

Love this version of Toy Story 4! Precious!! :)

Unknown said...

So cute!


meredith and justin said...

So sweet! Thanks for sharing. I needed something to make me smile today.

Sarah said...

Best story ever.

Unknown said...

I love it!! That is so cute!

Christie said...

Love it, sounds like she totally gets it and is gonna be a great big sis to her new sibling sent from God via Ethiopia!

sallee said...

hey there... got a question for you.. email me!!

kwdock said...

I love that girl's mind!!

Rebekah said...

Love this!!!