Monday, August 16, 2010

huevos and waiting

hi friends. well, we were supposed to have our home study today. this is the part in the adoption process where a social worker comes and checks out your home, asks you a bunch of questions, and gives you a lot of information. when the home study is completed a lot of other BIG things can get put into motion on the adoption paper we were looking forward to it.
BUT. he called and had to cancel because of a training session he didn't know he was required to attend. bummer! we rescheduled for wednesday, and I am trying to look at it as another exercise in waiting. if there is one thing that goes along with is waiting. so, we will wait. until wednesday!
speaking of might want to check back here for a special surprise. that's all I'm saying.
but about huevos. I don't think I've ever blogged about our dinner. maybe I have. but tonight, I simply must. it was so pretty and delicious. I made skillet poached huevos rancheros. that's right, I like to pretend I can cook like all the abuelitas around me. I can't...but this dinner was a winner.
check it.
 you just mix salsa and black beans together and let them simmer.  make little wells for 4 huevos and crack them in. cover and let the eggs simmer/cook for 5 minutes or so.  we served them on tortillas over spanish rice topped with cilantro and scallion. mmmmm.
and just because I have to show this is my mother surrounded by ethiopian children.  my parents were in ethiopia on a mission trip with my home church for about 10 days.  they returned home this afternoon and I can't wait to hear all of their stories.  I was certain my mother couldn't be any more beautiful.  but I was wrong.

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alicia said...

Abby! My phone's been messed up for over a week and I feel completely out of touch! Let's not ever do that again ;) first off, charlotte is precious. I just adore her little nakey self! You are gorgeous in your Ethiopian food eating attire (as always!) and we are SO stoked about y'all adopting! My friends Tricia & BG just started their adoption process too! She went to acc... Did you know her? anyway, as soon as I'm on a real computer I'm ordering shirts! What a creative guy you have there :) oh and one more thing... That dinner looks RIGHT up our alley! Must try it soon! Love you tons! Still think you're the most awesome person ever and I still want all of my children to be JUST like you!