Monday, August 23, 2010

home study. check!

last wednesday we had our home study...and it went great!  our social worker was a super nice guy who seemed really interested in international adoption.  he only knew 2 other couples in el paso that had adopted of them being our friends, the the pabens, who are in Thailand preparing to bring home their son, oaks!
we are really happy to have this part of the process done and are now waiting for the home study to be written up and approved by our adoption agency.  THEN we can send in our dossier--which is a formal term for a collection of documents prepared in a specific way, AND apply for USCIS approval.  USCIS approval means that we have permission from the u.s. government to bring a child into the united states from another country as an immediate member of our family.  got it? cool.
after all of THAT is done (and we are approved and a few other things happen) we are put on a waiting list (TADA!) for our child.  I don't have any sort of time frame for how long all of this will take, but I'm hoping not too much longer.  remember....adoption = A LOT of waiting = WORTH it.
while pete was having his interview with the social worker the girls and I played outside in our back yard.
and then after mr. social worker left, we had our crock potted dinner of cuban braised beef and peppers. 
I am a crock pot fanatic.  a crock star, if you will.
and then we needed ice cream from sonic to celebrate! one more item off the list.
I'm afraid they both got my extreme sweet tooth. or teeth.


Unknown said...

Congratulations! You are officially on your way...


Mandy @ The Party of 3 said...

Yay!! Awesome! I was so ready to get the homestudy marked off our list when we were going through the process!! Oh and I can't go one day without Sonic Happy Hour;) LOL


Alison said...

Yay! So excited for ya'll to have that checked off the list!! Oh how I love checking things off the list in this journey!! Every check gets us closer to our baby girl!! :)

Lara said...

Congratulations, that's a huge step! We have our final interviews and home inspection on Saturday - wish us luck!

Arlene said...

Love your blog! It's so good to see another family bringing home a beautiful Ethiopian child.

Mandy @ The Party of 3 said...

Hey Everyone! Be sure to stop by my blog I am hosting a giveaway for one of their awesome Adoption T-'s! One lucky winner will win one!:)


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