Thursday, February 25, 2010


since we live far away from both of our families that we love SO much, technology is our best friend when it comes to keeping in touch with them.  cell phones and text pics are a blessed thing.  I've never counted, but I am sure my sister sarah and I send an average of 4,000 texts per hour.  how else could I see my nephew Jackson's latest firetruck, or what he is having for lunch?
texts and chats are great, but our most favorite way to talk to the fam of all is SKYPE!
we skype the grandparents, aunts, uncles, best friends in england...even our cousin amy that lives a few miles down the road.  I know I am a big dork for this, but it just amazes me that you can just open the computer and call someone and see them moving around in chilly england when you are in the sun city of the ELP.  yesterday, eden and her cousin Jackson danced around together in their living rooms to apple bottom jeans.  aunt sarah chatted with charlotte as she chewed on a plastic black and decker hammer. mimi watched charlotte play with lightning mcqueen, and got to see eden's new wind-up seal (that she calls a fish).
it is just so nice to have our families and friends voices in our homes even though they are hundreds and thousands of miles away in other states and countries.
thanks skype inventors for the free gift of keeping us all together.
what's up aunt sarah?!

cousin time

ahhh, Jackson, so much older and wiser. (they are 15 days apart)

oh. and p.s. my oldest sister is due to give birth to my new nephew/niece in a few days and my dad is going to skype me in the hospital so I can see him/her just after being born!  yahoo!

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Renee said...

ahhhh.....K.I.T. - brings me back to the good ol' middle school days of writing in yearbooks and passing notes. my favorite was always L.Y.L.A.S. (love you like a sister). ha ha! so glad you get to keep in touch w/your family that's so far away! and the hospital birthing skype should be fun!