Tuesday, February 09, 2010

don't know why


I don't know why....I didn't blog.
thanks norah jones.

I really don't know why I fell off the blogger wagon these last few months. I just enjoy reading other people's blogs and not updating my own. that's all.

so. I suppose I won't try and recreate the last 4 months or so. we'll just start with what has happened as of late. my most fave event in recent dockery world was pete's 200th build with our ministry, casas por cristo. pete has been working at casas in some form for the last 10 years. 1/3 of his life. and this Friday he nailed up the plaque on his 200th home. to God be the glory great things he has done (sung with good harmony).

my parents and in-laws came down (or over) for the build. our girls also joined in...it was charlotte's first spend the night trip to mexico. she got to use her new passport and learn how to hammer with daddy. she was also passed around to many different sweet mexican ladies and kids. our blue eyed girls are quite the celebrities in the land where almost everyone has brown.
we had a little hot dog fiesta after the dedication and a good crowd from the neighborhood showed up to chow down. we didn't want to bring honor or glory to pete through any of this...we just wanted to have a little party to mark this pretty grand number of homes that God has allowed him to build with the help of many thousands of volunteers. we are so grateful to be a part of casas and showing people that God does indeed care for them and love them, and so do His people.
the dockery family hearts juarez, mexico. forever. we weren't scared. we didn't feel threatened. and we want our girls growing up serving in this city that is currently plagued by a bloody drug war. we pray that soon and very soon it will all be over. but there really isn't anything that would stop us from continuing to build homes for people and bring hope and love and Jesus. God doesn't call us to be safe. or comfortable.

so. there is the beginning of what I hope is a more current update-age of blogdom.
the girls are great. charlotte is now 7 months old. and I have no idea how that happened. she is seriously the smiliest, most happy baby I've ever known. eden is a pretty good big sister. sometimes a little rough with charlie girl, but mostly sweet. they take baths together every night, and we have to make them get out when the water is cold...they are having such a fun splashy time. eden is currently obsessed with playing pretend and I am almost always king triton, ariel, or some other disney princess character. the mean queen from snow white is another favorite character I portray.

I absolutely love being a registered nurse that stays at home raising her daughters. and I couldn't be more grateful.

p.s. sorry the pictures are first. I always get confused on how to fix that.


keight dukes said...

YAYYYYY so glad you are back. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new title! so cute, so yall.

Sarah&Jason said...

love it sis. texas petes. that's great. super job.

Anonymous said...
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Renee said...

what a beautiful post to bring you back to the blog world! i love your mission of "showing people that God does indeed care for them and love them".....i don't know how to spell it, but HALLELUJAH!! and congrats to Pete for 200 builds! that is amazing!!

and of course your little girls are just too cute in all the pictures! love it!

alicia said...
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alicia said...

Yay! The abby is back! I swear i've checked it every day with my fingers crossed! Love it :) loved you're email too! You're the best. I laughed sooo hard when I read it! I love you, I adore you!

alicia said...

Don't know why... It showed up multiple times! You can delete if you want!