Saturday, February 13, 2010

charlotte's fanny


so, a few weeks ago I decided to go cloth.  cloth diapering, that is.  I had always wanted to cover eden's booty in cloth, but used the excuse that I was in nursing school, and didn't have time for that hoo hah.  and then I got freaked out by it again when we were pregnant with charlotte.  thinking about newborn squirty breast milk poo and the many thousands of diaper changes.  but a few weeks ago I took the plunge.
and my friends.
it is easy!  it isn't a big deal!  it isn't gross!  and I LOVE THEM.
my cousin (3rd or 4th) named amy has been using them on her little birthday boy jonas for awhile now.  after seeing his cute little bottom in them, and watching her be a real cloth diaper mom I realized it can't be that horrible.  she helped me figure out the cloth diaper lingo, and gave me her opinions on the different types (she'd tried a bunch).  I bought two different kinds and ended up loving one called bumgenius all in one organic something or other.  I don't care that they are organic, I just like the snaps and that the diaper is one big inserts.  although I hear some insert diapers are super.
I couldn't help but buy 2 that are pink.  they are just so stinking cute.  and for reals so much easier than you'd think.  gone are the days of our mothers pins and plastic diaper covers.  and it only adds a load of laundry a day.
so, three cheers for cloth diapers.  I am a fan for life.  I get excited about washing them and folding them, and putting them on charlotte's pudgy bum.  and about my new shower sprayer (for the poo) .  isn't that embarrassing?  and not throwing diapers into the trash, saving cash flow, and it is easy on the sweet baby cheeks.


Renee said...

first off, any post w/the the word "fanny" in the title is bound to be great! secondly, i'm so glad you wrote about this b/c i've been thinking of trying cloth diapers for baby #2. i have a friend who uses bum genius too and loves it, so now w/2 positive reactions, i might just have to get on board! thanks for the info! and of course, Charlotte's hiney is pretty darn cute :)

tin can photography said...

as much as i must have loved my job as diaper dipper (into the toilet) when carly was little and those fun pins with bright yellow ducks on them, this looks great...and i'm sure charlotte loves you even more for it:)

Aubrey Kinnaman said...

Congrats on making the switch. We've been cloth diapering claire her entire life with few exceptions. We love her fuzzibunz (very similar to bumgenius but just fit claire better, she's a sturdy baby). If you haven't treated yourself to it I would HIGHLY recommend spending the 30 bucks on a diaper sprayer. I love it!

Sarah said...

Love that clothy fanny. good job again bloggery.

Amy said...

Couldn't be more proud of you cuz.

Janette said...

I've always wanted to use cloth on any babies I may have. I actually already have a link to a cloth site bookmarked on my computer so in case that day comes, I'm ready! :)