Wednesday, February 10, 2010

in one hour


this is what happened today between the hours of 11am and 12pm.  no, I am not trying to be Jack Bauer.  I was just laughing about it and decided to blog it up.
before I begin you should know that I watch a little boy named Jax 3 days a week.  8am-3:30pm.  his parents are missionaries with casas and his mom works 3 days a week in the office.  he has juvenile diabetes and was diagnosed at 18 months.  he's 2 1/2 now.  to keep his little body working right he requires blood glucose monitoring and insulin shots multiples times a day.  the sweet guy hardly even notices a prick or poke.  so, now you know a bit about jax, and I will proceed.

pete called and needed something for our taxes.  it was in a safe that is locked in a closet.  charlotte woke up, and I changed her.  jax pooped so I changed him.  i got some toys to entertain charlotte while I tried to open the bleepity bleep safe...couldn't get it to budge.  pete called and needed the info, I got mad and said something like how about HE tries to entertain 3 kids and open a safe and blah blah blah.  he gets mad, I hang up on him.  eden and jax bring 85 toys into the room while I am in the closet working on the safe.  charlotte starts chewing on a my little pony's mane and gets upset because purple fake hair has encompassed her mouth.  I give up on the safe.  call pete back.  cry because I can't just drop everything to open a safe and he will just never understand and I need to chop the onions for the crock pot chili.  lencho vomits grass behind the couch.  charlotte somehow gets ahold of eden's hot pink lip gloss and squeezes it on the the carpet. I try try try really hard to get it up with good old spot shot.  (if you have a pet or small NEED spot shot in your life).

i check jax's blood sugar. pete calls and we decide to be friends again.  get lunch ready, inject insulin, yell at eden because she accidentally pushed charlotte over and made her hit her head on the green coffee table.  I shove some left over annie's organic mac and cheese into my mouth that I reheated for eden's lunch.  apologize to eden for yelling at her.  and she says...

it's ok mom, sometimes people just have to get mad.

and that is what made me laugh and love her all the more and write this all out.

and there you have it people.  me.  I really don't cry at silly things every day.  and I try really hard not to yell at small children when they accidentally harm their younger sibling.  but.  sometimes I do. sometimes I am hungry or tired or just selfish and the little really not important things get to me.  thank goodness for grace, food, and perspective.


Brei said...

oh yes. thank the Lord for grace.

Brei said...

oh, and i'm exhausted now. please sleep extra hard for me tonight

keight dukes said...

thank you for the reminder of what 2 or 3 kids might one day involve. youre amazing

Chassidy said...

Sounds like several days that I have had!