Friday, February 19, 2010

free reads

yesterday I took my beauties to the library.  the esperanza acosta moreno regional branch library. can you tell we live in el paso?  it is about half a mile from our house and a little bit of heaven on the east side.  eden and I used to go almost every day before charlotte was born.  we passed by it and the giant perfect playground behind on our morning walk.  the weather is just now starting to be magnificent for walking again so it's time to begin our frequenting.  this library is only a few years old and is SO so so cool.  it has this neato swirly roof that is red and one of the walls is bright yellow.  certainly doesn't look like the libraries that I grew up visiting.  eden has always been obsessed with reading and books, so it is one of her favorite places to be.  she just had a new book shelf made for her by papa because her little red one could no longer house her growing libary.
this trip she found two free bookmarks and you would have thought they were made of gold.  she could not believe that she could keep them and use them in her books.  she sat in a big swivel chair with her huge hard back olivia book and used her bookmark on each page.  I don't think she understood it's purpose at all, but it sure was cute watching her use it.  charlotte crawled around pulling books off of shelves and drooling, and I followed behind replacing them. 
sometimes I get teary just taking in moments like that.  well, a lot of times.  it is just hard for me to understand why God would let me mother these two girls and teach them things and take them to libraries.  seems like a gift that should be reserved for someone far more worthy than I could ever be.  but then...none of us are worthy of his love or gifts or goodness.

on a much lighter note.  eden LOVES where's waldo.  isn't that hilarity?  pete's parents got her into finding that striped sweatered guy while we were visiting GA over Christmas. so, of course we had to check out a where's waldo that I found.

this is what charlotte does while we read at home...if she isn't trying to tear the pages...

why, yes that is a snow globe.  my oldest cried tears of anguish at the mention of me boxing it up with the Christmas decor.  so now, we get to hear jingle bells year round.

cannot even wait to hear big sister reading to this little sister one sweet day.
here's to free books, and library cards, and reading with your children.


katie davis said...

i LOVE charlotte's tummy. and her chub roles. oh man.

tin can photography said...

love and love. the sweetest girls blessed with the best mom to teach them all these great things. eden, you're a gal after my own heart!

{all the new updates are fun, fun, fun!}

Sarah said...

Man, that really is the best library ever. and playground.

Janette said...

loved reading this....makes the mommy in me sigh.