Monday, January 31, 2011

winter what?

the weather peeps of el paso keep warning us about winter weather invading the sun city for the next 3 days or so.  I am not, I repeat, NOT happy about this.  I'm a Georgia girl, born and raised.  and now...I'm an el pasoan.  anything below 60 is not ok with me.  they are even talking about snow on wednesday.  ugh.  go ahead and make fun.  just being honest here, people.
I am really going to try and embrace the weather by eating soup and drinking warm beverages and the like.  but in my heart I'll be dreaming of drying charlie's diapers in the sweet texas sun, and letting the girls go barefoot in the backyard.

this weather also makes me worry so much about our friends and neighbors across the bridges in juarez.  can you imagine living through freezing temperatures in a home made out of cardboard or pallets?  please remember juarez and it's people in your prayers.  the casas por cristo blog posted a story about the deaths in juarez due to the freezing temperatures that you can read about HERE.
pete will head across the border in the morning to pour the slab and start on a new home for a family there.  thankful that one more family will be provided for...and still can't help but think about those still waiting for a house.
don't forget to thank God today for your home. I know I won't.

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katie davis said...

sister. i'm right there with you on the weather situation. one week of cold and i'm done with it. not to mention the white stuff. i think it's pretty while it's falling, then i prefer that it all melt while i'm sleeping and return to 70 degree weather. thank you very much. and yes indeed-thank you Lord for our warm place to sleep.