Friday, January 14, 2011

just stay this little

our girls are at such sweet ages.  we spend hours coloring, playing dress up, painting...and eden's latest favorite...playing OLD MAID! hahaha!  the first few times we played I ended up with the old maid card at the end, which eden thought was SO funny.  the first time she lost and was branded the old maid she didn't feel quite the same way.  she cried. and I tried not to laugh.  so I told her it was funny to be the old maid...not sad.  so, now, we laugh and laugh when the game is over.  which might not sound funny to you...but trust me, her loud laughter is hilarity.

and maybe you didn't know...but the art of painting a tin can to be used as a pencil holder is still very much alive and well.

and I do realize this is impossible...but I sure do wish they'd stay this little.  


Alison said...

I totally agree!! And love the pics too!

tin can photography said...

love the painting projects (and all the fun, of course)! i remember putting old wallpaper on cans and decorating them at VBS:)

katie davis said...

the picture of them dressed up and looking at the camera is so great!!!!! i want it hung up on my fridge so i can see these sweet girls every day.