Friday, January 07, 2011

and so, we'll wait some more

we got some news from our adoption agency this week.  and it was a little hard to swallow.  the news was that we will be waiting longer than originally anticipated for our little boy.  we were told to expect 6 to 9 months from dossier to referral...and now we might have to wait up to a year for a referral.  our agency is wonderful and fully explained the changes and reasons for the increased wait times.  but, like I was really hard/sad for us to think about waiting longer for our son.  we already love him so much and are so looking forward to knowing who he is!
but.  we are more than willing to wait as long as it takes for our referral.  and we fully trust our agency and appreciate their hard work to bring families together and care for orphans.  we're just reprogramming our hearts and brains for this new time frame.  our dossier was submitted in october, so we could potentially not receive his referral until october 2011.  this would mean he wouldn't be home until 2012. but if I think about it like that...I get upset!  we're just taking things one month at a time.  loving raising our daughters.  and excited for the future. I said.  this is all just a guess.  they just wanted us to know that at this time things will be slowing down and they are hoping things will pick up in the coming months.  I am still holding onto the hope of having him home in 2011...because, why not?  hoping for this year, knowing that it might not come to be.  and always knowing that it will all happen at the exact, right, beautiful time.
yesterday I cleaned out the top of eden's closet.  I came across some baby boy clothes that my sister let me have in case charlotte was a boy.  I saved them because I thought one day I might have a son.  when I stumbled upon them I got all teary.  picturing his sweet, brown skin in this light blue outfit I'd picked up.  oh, what a day that will be!
So there is our adoption update.  thank you SO much for being a part of this journey with us.
kisses from charlotte :)


George said...

I'm hopeful that your wait will still be around the 9-month mark, since you finished your dossier in Oct...and the 12-month estimate seemed to be for families submitting their dossiers now. Hopeful for you!

Unknown said...

If there is anything that I've learned through all of this it is that God's timing is perfect. We waited 12 months exactly for our referral of Charlotte after expecting a 6-9 month wait and we're about to reach our 11th month of waiting for the twins... although it is hard just trust in the Lord because He knows what He is doing... Your son will be in your arms before you know it and all of the waiting will seem like it never happened.


SaraLyons said...

I'm starting to feel a little better about the whole thing. Hopefully it will go faster than we think. Fingers crossed!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the update! It's a sad update but as you said. It's all in God's timing. There are people out there praying for you so why not hope for 2011? Hope and pray and we just might see god glorified! Thanks for being faithful in hearing the call to adopt.

Alison said...

Hoping and praying our babies are home this year...2011!!! :)