Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the princesses and the pea

it is no secret that eden loves to read.  here she is lost in her bookshelf.
this Christmas her aunt and uncle gave her the book "the princess and the pea".  but not just any old princess and the pea...a version that has an african setting!  it is by rachel isadora and you can see it HERE.  it has beautiful illustrations and we LOVE to read it...daily.

 yesterday, the girls played pretend princess and the pea using pillows for mattresses.  and wouldn't you know...they felt the pea!  but, I already knew they were real princesses. 

and in other news. pete bought me tulips. aren't they pretty?
have a happy tuesday!


melissa said...

love that book...such sweet pictures.

katie davis said...

pretty tulips! and precious girls. i love little sister trying to be like big sister=)

meredith and justin said...

So cute. Love the story Princess and the Pea. I need to get that book.

Renee said...

i love how charlotte looks like she's holding on to that pillow for dear life! ha! such cute little princesses!

and super sweet hubby with the tulips!

you are one blessed woman! but i have a feeling you already know that :)