Sunday, July 25, 2010

table for 22

growing up everyone thought our family with 5 kids was big.  I just thought it was normal.  harbin party of 7. now the 7 has turned into 22 and growing.  this week we are all in florida getting sandy, burned, and letting the cousins soak up time together.  their are 10 grandchildren so far.  4 of them are 3 years old.  the last 3 are sweet babies that we pass around...well, charlotte sort of does her own thing now.
so here are some of our first days together.  I just can't help how cute everyone is.
more to come...of course!


Renee said...

big families are awesome! of course i'm just a transplant to one- coming from a 2 sibling family and marrying a man with 5......when we get together w/his side it's 20 people and full of crazy chaos that i love! so glad you guys were all able to work out schedules and get together for some beach time (the scheduling itself is a monumental achievement! :) and the little ones are adorable of course!

AtlantaMama said...

22 and growing..... i love that... and it's awesome that you all got to enjoy the BEACH together