Thursday, July 22, 2010


I've heard the adoption process called by a few names.  the "paper chase" and a "paper pregnancy' are among them.  today I mailed off a list of 21 items that served as an application to our home study agency.  over the last 2 weeks or so I have carefully checked off each requirement as it was completed.  blood work, pediatrician visits, questionnaires, a floor plan of our home, name it, it's in there. once this is approved we will receive an actual home study visit, complete a heck of a bunch more paper work, and then send it off to ethiopia to be approved.  THEN we will be put on a waiting list for our sweet baby.
with every paper signed, item checked off...we are closer and closer.  and more excited.  and it all becomes more real.

here are the big sisters in their new shirts that we bought from another adopting family.  and you can bet your bottom that we'll be selling a cool adoption fundraiser t-shirt in the future.  so save up your dollars to help bring baby home!


Wading Patiently said...

I would love to get some t-shirts!!!

Sarah said...

I'm so happy. Overflowing cup. Love you.s

Lori said...

I'll go ahead and pre-order 4 shirts! Very excited for you guys!