Sunday, July 11, 2010

ode to charlotte

on july 7th our second born daughter turned one.  since her birth she has brought joy, joy, and more joy to our lives.  her sister adores her.  her father beams every time he looks at her.  and me, well, I just cry thinking about a way to express how I feel about her.  she is stunning.  she has captured my heart.

charlotte's favorite things include: balls, books about animals, making animal noises, sissy, dada, puffs, pancakes, being outside, mama's jewelry, being held, and any type of cookie she has ever tried.
almost every picture I take of her...she's smiling.  the only time she gets cross is when she can't drink out of eden's cup...or when something she might choke on is taken away from her. 

the other day eden asked me why charlotte was SO cute.  and I told her, because God made her that way.
I am so thankful God made her.  and that I am blessed to be her mother, help raise her, hold her, kiss her, and teach her all about her maker.
and many more...miss charlotte mae.

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Sarah said...

Love this sis.