Monday, August 22, 2011

our songbird

just to give more glimpses into our silly world...I present you with live footage.  the first is eden singing a kari jobe song called "no sweeter name".  it has a surprise bang up ending by charlotte.
the second is an original piece by miss eden.  she comes from a long line of musical theater dorks...and her favorite movies include: annie, the wizard of oz, and any disney movie that involves singing.  she can memorize a soundtrack in one day flat.  she sang before she talked.
I especially love her dramatic arm movements.
and how much she loves herself.

happy monday!


The Sanders said...

That was so cute....and then hilarious. :)

Renee said...

oh my goodness! i seriously busted up laughing when she fell down in the middle part from hugging herself! she is hilarious! (and a really good singer!!!) call Disney right now- she needs to be the next Little Mermaid (they gotta have a remake of that coming soon!) or at least a song writer!

abby- you're so blessed w/those 2 beautiful little girls. it's no wonder you want a million kids! :)

alicia said...

Girl! Nate & I were cracking up! Shes so cute & then charlie with the chair...bah-hahaha! Love it! Precious little girls!