Thursday, August 18, 2011

muddy waters

to begin this muddy post I'll share a photo of the dirt dessert we made 2 nights ago.
I remember the first time I ever ate this delicious mix of pudding, oreos, and gummy worms.  it was at VBS and I was probably 8.  and I couldn't believe how great/exciting it was.  I still feel the same way.
onto more mud.
yesterday we had some rain, loud thunder, and a bit of hail here in the desert.
and after it was over and the hot sun was starting to emerge the girls wanted to go jump in muddy puddles.
why not?

after that...charlotte decided to pee in the grass. her favorite thing.  right through her panties.  so, of course I took a picture.
whatta gal.
we're loving this fun, muddy week.
adoption honesty:
mama is having a hard time waiting for baby brother.  but I'm just learning to trust and hope, trust and hope, and repeat.  next week will mark 10 months on the wait list for us.  it's been a twisty turny ride.  in the beginning we expected a 6 month wait for a referral (or match with a child).  we have been told to expect a 9-12 month wait at this point.  but, we'll see.  we know that we are at the top of the list, so that is encouraging.
praying for those waiting. those trying to get their kiddos home. and for ethiopian adoption.  we are so hopeful...and very ready!  oh boy, is this boy loved.

off to finish a thrilling game of strawberry shortcake memory cards.


Jamie said...

Praying for you, sweet momma, and that little boy of yours.

Alison said...

We are praying too! The wait is hard! So ready to have these babies home!!!

Sarah said...

charlotte, how would i ever know you liked to pee thru your panties into grass if your mama didnt document? i love it, love you all. and praying of course.

The Sanders said...

Love the picture of Charlotte in the grass! :) Janna is the same way sometimes!

Janette said...

Love, Love, Love the peeing photo. She'll really appreciate that one some day! :) I mean, really....I laughed out loud. :)

Amanda @ said...

Oh Miss Charlotte, you make me laugh until my cheeks hurt.

Anonymous said...

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