Thursday, August 25, 2011

gross but fun

most of the time I try to feed the girls healthy foods.  most of the time I try to eat that way, as well.  but sometimes we eat chocolate.  ok, we eat it a lot.  and sometimes I like to make fun things that I know the kids will go nuts for.  even if they aren't that healthy...and sound kind of icky to me.
last night I joined pinterest.  heaven help me with all the cool neatos I've already found in one hours worth of pinning and pin gazing.
I found this funny idea on one my friend keight's pinterest boards.  I don't even know what you'd call this.  some sort of turkey dog/spaghetti wonder.
we almost always have turkey dogs in the refrigerator because charlotte is a hot dog fanatic.  any time you ask her what she'd like to eat...she answers a hot dog.  even for breakfast.  fyi:  she doesn't eat them every day for every meal.
we also had spaghetti in I made this today for kid lunch.  mama had a salad.  but I would have rather had five guys burgers and fries.
start with this
 then put them together...throw them in boiling water
 have a fruit and cheddar cheese (previously devoured) appetizer
 and wow your children with this funny creation!
 she CANNOT believe it! 
 thanks mom, you are the BEST...even if this smells disgusting to you.
 we also tried a new to us fun beverage item today.  chocolate straws!  I found them at babies r us.

needless to say, the dockery children approved of today's lunch.  it was so fun to see their little eyes light up over such funny things.
speaking of dockery children.  I couldn't help it.  I bought a new crib sheet today that isn't girly.  I love it!!
come on you have a sheet without flowers.

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tin can photography said...

love pinterest. love the fun. love five guys (need a burger and fries). love you all.