Thursday, February 17, 2011

pedro's day

yesterday was my handsome husband's birthday. 

it happened to be a beautiful 83 degrees in el eden and I bought some water guns at target.  3 water guns to be exact.  around 4 p.m. daddy and his girls had a water gun fight.  I think daddy won...and the girls had fun running around in their bathing suits.  I tried to snap pictures without being squirted...but did get a little bit wet.  charlotte insisted on wearing shoes.  and socks.

then we went to chico's tacos (pete's choice) for birthday dinner.  and came home to a homemade chocolate pie (his mother's recipe) for dessert.  it was the first time I'd ever attempted to recreate mimi's chocolate pie...and I was so happy that it tasted like hers!

kids...don't try that at home.
I know he had a happy day.  and I hope that God gives him tons and tons of more days and birthdays to spend with us on earth serving Him.


SaraLyons said...

Looks like it was a terrific birthday! Pics of the girls were super cute.

erin said...

Happy a little late Birthday, Pete! I made my first pie this week as well, although it was blueberry:) what wonderful pie guys we have:)

Anonymous said...

which one did you have first dad? I would start with the little one

Anonymous said...

I would take them both to bed together but for sure the little one first while big sis looks on, love the pic of the little one with her swimsuit going into her c--t and the c--t showing toddler c--t is soooooooooo hot