Saturday, December 04, 2010

give warmth

if you didn't already know...our family, the texas petes, are missionaries to juarez, mexico with casas por cristo.  we live minutes from the border of texas and juarez, mexico.  we help teams build homes for people that live in houses made out of cardboard and wooden palettes.  we give them a free home and show them Jesus.
recently we have had freezing temperatures at night and horrible, gusty winds.  it's just plain cold.  and we can't help but think about and hurt for our neighbors that try to fall asleep feeling so cold at night.  and wake up the same way.
this Christmas as you are warm and toasty in your home...making cookies and enjoying this most wonderful time, maybe you'll consider helping someone else stay warm?
casas por cristo has a heater and electric blanket fund that you can donate to and help some of these families feel so much warmer if you would like to do so.
just click HERE and then hit the donate NOW button.  It will take you to a form where you can specify how much you would like to give...and then where it says program area hit the drop down arrow and click heat fund. you'll receive a receipt for this tax deductible gift.
$30 will provide a family with 2 electric blankets...but any amount will help.
our 4 year old, eden, has been spending the nights across the border helping build homes since she was weeks old.  she knows about how her mexican neighbors live.  she knows how blessed by God she is to have a home with heat and insulation.
the other day we emptied out her piggy bank and counted how much money she had.  $17 and some odd cents.  and she is giving it all to the heat fund. 

maybe you have some change sitting around?
you can also read about the the heat fund HERE.

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Lara said...

Wow, that is so neat. We are right on the border here in AZ and are planning a trip to deliver some Christmas gifts just on the other side in Algodones with our youth group. It's a nice little tourist town, but with all the bad press about Mexico, some of our high school youth kids aren't allowed to go. The other night at a meeting I said, "Sheesh, it's not like we're going to Juarez!"